How to Do a Simple Winged Eyeliner

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The supplies :)

Use some UD eyeshadow primer to prevent your eyeliner from fading throughout the day.

Blend it in with a brush or your fingers

Should look like so this.

Dip your MAC 209se brush into the eyeliner

Start on the inner corner and slowly work outward. I find it easier if I hold the eyelid while doing this so it's easier to control.

Wing it up towards the outside. You can make it however long or thick you like it.

When your done, do the other eye the same way.

Should look like this.

Curl your lashes if you like.

Add mascara

Your done! :)

Thanks for checking this guide out! 😊

Watch the video: tutorial easy tips to apply winged eyeliner for beginners. simple winged eyeliner

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