How to PROPERLY Chop an Onion

There are two ends of an onionthe root and the stalk. The root end grows out of the dirt, stalk end is the green plant. Slice off the stalk end approx. 1 inch so it can stand!

Like this!

Stand it up like so

With the flat side down on your cutting board, slice the onion into two equal parts

Peel off the layer of skin (notice how much easier it is after you've cut it!)


Make a series of vertical slices through the onion, going up to half an inch from the root. The width between your slices determines the size of your chopped pieces. Watch the video next!

Turn the onion, bracing it by the root. Cut your slices!

Look at all that onion goodness!!


Watch the video: How To Cut Onions Like A Pro. Different Ways To Chop An Onion. Basic Cooking

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