How to Make a Simple Toddler Dress

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Fabric that is already shirred, Walmart and joanns has this. Get 1/2 to 1 yard

Wrap fabric around to see where you get the right fit

Cut where you marked

Here is the cut piece

Pin right sides together

Sew seem together, I used 5/8. With the stretch of the shirring you have some room for error

Iron to set seem

Cut excess of seem allowance down to approx 1/4

Finish seem with zigzag stitch to prevent fraying

Take coordinating Tshirt, cut one inch below arm pits (save bottom to make a skirt or other project)

Tshirt cut.

Pin back center of shirt and line up with back seem and pin

Pin side seems to dress, you may need to stretch dress a bit to lay shirt flat

Shirt is all pinned to the dress, you can't overpin, pin more than you think you want to.

Put pinned dress and shirt on sewing machine through neck hole. See with zigzag stitch and pull dress to make shirt lay flat

wear you new dress ;)

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