How to deep clean your riding boots

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Rub down the entire boot with the damp cloth, being sure to get in the cracks.

Really make sure you scrub to get this gunk off, as it's damaging to your boots.

After a few minutes of rubbing with the damp cloth, it should look like this.

Go over all the seams and the cracks of the boot, as well as in and around the laces with Lexol and a toothbrush.

Smooth/rub in the toothbrush Lexol with a sponge.

Get some more Lexol on a sponge and do an overall rub.

Once the Lexol dries, get some of the Meltonian on a brush or cloth and put a thin layer over the OUTSIDE of your boot (the side away from the horse). If it's on the inside, it will rub onto the horse

If you applied the Meltonian with a brush, you will need to rub it in with a cloth. Rub hard and make it so that there's almost a matte appearance

Voila! Your boots are clean, shiny and ready to ride and show in. You may want to go over your boots one more time with a clean cloth just to make sure that there's no more polish on them ;)

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