How to create the classic red lipstick makeup look

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I always wash my face and moisturize before I do anything to my face!!

I add concealer to my under-eye area. I use hard candy glamoflauge in light.

Blend it out!!

Set your under eye always to avoid creasing.

Did my eyebrows!! I will post a guide on how to do this soon!

Prime your eyelid. I use painterly paint pot by mac.

I was applying primer lol

Pick your most natural falsies!

Add lash adhesive. Make sure you let it set on the lash for 15-30 sec before applying to your eye to avoid them moving around.

Apply black liquid liner on top to hide any glue that may be seen.

I made mine a winged liner but you don't have to.

Apply any kind of white liner in bottom lash line. This is fascinating by mac.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Time to contour! I use chocolate soleil by too faced! Smells like chocolate 😁😁

Now add a bronzey type of blush as well. Since we are doing a red lip we want to avoid red cheeks ️

Don't forget to highlight! This is mine realize skin finish by mac.

Time to outline lips. I used cherry kiss by rimmel London.

For the lipstick I used ruby woo by mac.

Done with the lips!!

Thanks for watching/looking at my guide! Hope you guys liked it!

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