How to make chocolate crackle cookies

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What you need

Melt the butter unsalted (this recipe is double because they need last more than a day in my house)

Add the chocolate to the melted butter and stir until all is mixed together



Sugar , eggs and vanilla and beat until smooth

Add the flour , salt and baking powder to cooled cocoa mix

What the dough should look like remember this is doubled

Roll into balls and put in a bag so you can just take them out roll into powder sugar and bake

Roll in powder sugar Before baking on 350 degrees for about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove from oven as they are set the center should be moist SOFT CHEWY LIKE A BROWNIE

Finish products

Watch the video: No Bake Chocolate Crinkles. No Oven Chocolate Crinkles. Stove Top Chocolate Crinkles

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