How to cook the best scrambled eggs & toast

Prepare ingredients

Heat saucepan on a medium to low heat.

Fry the finely diced bacon fat and little portion of the minced garlic.

Add the sliced red onion once some of the bacon fat has rendered & lightly browned

Once the onion has become translucent, throw in the diced bacon & half of the garlic. Then sprinkle with parsley & season with pepper. Note: Those who like some spice can add dried chilli flakes.

Crack the four eggs into a bowl. Pour in a dash of milk & a gently crack of pepper. Then beat the mixture until just combined.

Whilst the bacon is frying off, spread the leftover garlic onto the bread, accompanied with a drizzle of extra olive oil, parsley & pepper.

Toast the garlic style bread.

Once the delicious bacon has crisped and browned, turn the heat off.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan.

Scrape the sides and bottom carefully & if desired grate in some parmesan.

Voila ! I like my scrambled eggs a bit runny and moist but cook to your taste.

Serve the toasty garlic bread with the luscious pillows of scrambled eggs, speckled with bacon & red onion.

Watch the video: How to make French toast sausage u0026 scrambled eggs

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