How to make pancetta

Pour your salt, brown sugar, thyme, Italian seasoning and chilling powder into a bowl

Rinse and pat dry your pork belly with kitchen towel

Mix spices

Rub it into every inch of the pork belly

Both sides

Wrap in cling film or a zip lock bag and leave in the fridge for 10 days turning it over every other day

After 10 days! It has oozed moisture which is normal and the meat would have gotten slightly darker

Other side after 10 days

Rinse off the rub and pat dry

Measure out the same spices except brown sugar and salt

Rub it in

You need air flow, I made this using a pot stand and cake tin to allow air to the bottom

Place pork belly in the stand and return to the fridge for a further 10 days

After 20 days and a lot of TLC..... What a beauty!

Rinse off the spices and slice up to see the goodness!

Trim off the skin and chop into little pieces to add awesomeness to your recipes!

If you find mould growing at any time during the process. Stop and trash it. Don't eat the pancetta without cooking it first. The long wait only makes this even more awesome!

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