How to make a triple single bracelet

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You should have the arrow facing away from you. Start from the bottom peg and go up to the top peg on all three rows, as shown. DO NOT START FROM THE TOP PEG AND GO DOWN TO THE BOTTOM PEG!!

Starting from the top, put bands on top of the bands we did just now, across. Go all the way to the bottom, but do not do the last pegs! Might be necessary to pull the bottom down so it is a triangle

Turn loom around. reach under triangle shape, grab the band and pull it up to the next peg. Do this with all three rows. For the middle row, you reach under the band before it. Other part is the same.

Yay :)

Take top left and right bands and put on middle peg

Pull band through all on top peg

Pull off

Make line of bands for extension, arrow facing away. Turn away and hook. Put C-clip on.


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