How to easily uniquely dress up your christmas wrapping

Simple, inexpensive items... Curly ribbon, jingle bells, pipe cleaners, sparkly wire. When we take down our wreath, I always take off the bells & pinecones.

A little fancy ribbon and an ornament make this present stand out.

Sometimes I use wide fancy ribbon. Here we are tying a pipe cleaner into the knot.

Simply wind around a pen or pencil for the spiral effect.

You can add a jingle bell to the end and fold the wire to hold secure.

Simple. Easy.

I use curly ribbon a lot. It's fast and easy for tying in other things...

Adding a little plastic bow.

A candy cane would be perfect for this package.

We'll curl the ribbon and sparkly wire after tying in the candy cane.

You can wrap this way too... just gather paper at the top (left) or on each end.

One way to use up a small piece of wide ribbon...

My husband has given our niece her favorite bottle of soda every year. It looks a little more festive with some curly ribbon and sparkly wire just tied to the top.

This year each of the grandkids will receive a flashlight tied onto their package. What kid doesn't like flashlights!? We were thinking we'll maybe light it just before we hand them their gift!

For 30+ years I've used these giant bells on my husband's gifts. They are cute, sound fun and if he were the type who shakes and tries to guess, this would muffle the sound of what's inside! :)

With ribbon, jingle bells, various unbreakable ornaments, pipe cleaners, sparkly wire, greenery, pine cones, and candy, you can make your packages look fun easily and economically!


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