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To find an EXACT word or phrase, use quotation marks around the entire phrase. This is useful for looking up literature, quotes, and lyrics from the new Lady Gaga album.

To EXCLUDE a word, simply add a dash(-) in front of the word. This could be useful for looking up information on Lady Gaga, while excluding any results naming Madonna.

To search within a site or domain, first type what you are looking for then the operator "site:___________" as you can see here, results for information on tickets mentioned on Lady Gaga's website.

To search for pages that link to a URL, type link:__________ , and then the website. Here we can see a result of webpages that currently have links to Lady Gaga's website.

To find results of webpages that are related to a website or topic, use the operator related:___________. Here we can see sites that have information that is related to

When all else fails, use Google Advanced Search to find these same options.

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