How to make monkey bread with biscuit dough

Add melted butter and powdered sugar to bowl and mix.

Add vanilla and mix

When you add the cream cheese it will be lumpy just mix until about smooth doesn't have to be no lumps.

Finished icing. Put in fridge and when the bread is done pour over

Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl (set aside)

Cut dough in to fourths

Put them in the cinnamon sugar and toss them around until completely covered

Put in Bundt pan

Pour butter on and put in the oven at 375

Put your icing in the microwave for 15-25 seconds

Here is my done monkey bread put on a plate upside down then kinda shake it it should come out clean if not it's ok just piece it back together

Pour the icing over it let it cool and then eat it is a yummy treat and a good breakfast !!!!!


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