How to make coris ice bar diy japanese candy kit

Coris Ice Bar DIY Japanese Candy Kit-Fun Kit with Frozen Feeling Candy

Included: Tray, CLEAR Pack Dipping Liquid, WHITE Powder Pack, Ice Bar Sticks, Chewy Popsicle Tops in BLUE Ramune and PURPLE Grape

Close -Up of Package Contents

Stick Wooden Sticks in All of a The Popsicle Tops

Empty CLEAR Gel Packet into Left Side of Tray

Empty WHITE Powder into Right Side of Tray

Take a Popsicle and Dip into and Roll around Gel Liquid on Left Side of Tray

Then after Dipped In Gel, Roll in WHITE Powder to Top Popsicle

Snow Capped Ice Bars

Repeat process with all Ice Bars-Dip in Liquid Gel

Roll in powder

Enjoy your Coris Ice Bar Mini DIY Kit -Horadekita! And you'll feel a special surprise, these actually feel like they freeze your mouth!!!

Watch the video: ASMR Coris Ice Cream Bar Soft Candy DIY Kit - Unboxing, Building u0026 Tasting!

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