How to avoid purchasing counterfeit merrell shoes

New Merrell shoes are boxed in a strong shoe box featuring the logo on the lid and side. The color and style of the box vary slightly according to style and year.

New Merrell retail boxes feature a label on the one side detailing style name, size, color, and a model number. Check all of these details carefully.

If the seller still has the original swing tags check the information detailed on them carefully.

The Merrell logo can be found on the insole. It may have worn away on some used shoes but check that the registered trademark R is present.

Merrell shoes feature a label on the inside of the shoe. Furthermore, check that the style number matches the style number featured on the retail box label.

Merrel shoes feature outsole markings and often this includes the Vibram logo. If featured on these shoes, check carefully that the registered trademark circled R is present.

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