How to identify authentic gucci heels

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New Gucci heels packaged in a strong brown shoe box that features the double 'GG' logo embossed in a chain like pattern. The 'GUCCI' logo is across the middle.

Gucci shoe boxes feature a white label on the one end detailing style, colour, size information and the logo. Check these details match the details of the shoe.

Gucci shoes sometimes come with a Firenze 1921 card. They are brown with the gold logo across the middle and Firenze 1921 written below that. The card will have the double 'GG' logo embossed.

New Gucci heels are usually accompanied by a dust bag with the 'GUCCI' logo across the centre. Older styles vary in colour and size including brown, black and white.

Gucci insoles usually feature the 'GUCCI' logo and 'Made in Italy'. There are some variations to this format on certain collections. Check the size, space and font of this logo very carefully.

Gucci soles usually feature the 'GUCCI' logo, 'Made in Italy' and the shoe size. There are some variations to this format on certain collections.

Gucci shoes feature a style number located on the inside of the heel area, check it matches any style number on the box label.

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