How to make tomato chilli sauce at home

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this sauce can be used as it is or ingredient of pizza pasta lasagna and other such dishes

boil tomatoes

peel them

this is the remaining water in which tomatoes were boiled.. add it to shaker

now add tomatoes to shaker

take green chilliz .. u obviously dont want to put them in shaker as it is so chop

take garlic and peel

add these to shaker

add sugar almost 6 tbsp

add salt almost 1 tsp we cannot exactly tell about quantity of spices as it varies because of size of tomatoes and final quantity and consistency


this is not done here u need to cook it properly

initially it wont smell that good but as u start cooking sauce it will start improving its flavor and aroma

add ground red chilli, vinegar and soya sauce according to your taste

done :)

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