How to make minced beef pizza

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take 2 cup white flour

add salt

add yeast

add oil

add two beaten eggs

in hot water mix 2 tsp sugar and knead mixture with it

add little bit flour over it and around it so that it wont stick

cover it with plastic

if u want better results than give it some packing and after that cover it properly with plastic and tie some ribbon or thread or elastic to secure it so that no air enters it and place before heater

add water onions garlic ginger and tomatoes to minced beef and cook it properly sorry forgot to take pic of that step

add oil to pan

add mixture

add ground chilli

add black pepper

add oregano



make squares of capsicum and onions

uncover the plastic

knead it

grease pan and spread on pan

made another one

made another pan

again cover both pans with plastic tightly and place in front of heater. If will form thick crust as it will rise more. If u skip this step it with form thin crust as it wont rise that much

crust done

make these impressions with fingers

add slightly sweet sauce

add chilli sauce as shown in my other guide and then add cheese

add minced beef mixture, capsicum and tomatoes and bake

ready :)

again I should say that if your husband don't like tomatoes like mine than surely skip tomatoes :)

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