How to join a conference call w/two taps (ios app)

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As a PM I often need to join call conferences w/my team and colleague. More often, I need to do that using my iPhone.

I found it frustrated to dial a conference bridge as it involves many numbers includes bridge details , access code and sometime pass code.

For me, it was jumping between the Calendar app to the Phone app each time typing only few numbers. The whole experience is taking few minutes and a lot of time I need to retype due to mistakes.

I always enjoying building stuff that I need by my own (It’s a great way to explore and learn new technologies). So, to solve my problem I built my own iOS App called ReplyAll.

I built the app to allow me reply and forward my meetings. However, I added a call conference feature which allows me to join conference calls by only Two Taps!

I simply scroll to the desired event and tap on it. A Call Conference page is being open

Tap Join Call Conference. The app will fetch the bridge and access code from the event details.

Tap the Call button and join the conference. As Simple as that.

However, if the app haven’t fetch the correct numbers, I can simply tap the picker and select the other number. As well as Pass code and Option numbers

I can also tap Edit Sequence Number and correct the sequence by myself. Then, just taping the call button to join the conference

It works so well for me and I hope it will do the same for you. Thanks.

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