How to make a convenient, fresh, and healthy salad

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Cut all your veggies according to your liking small, medium, or sautéed slices.

Here you see all veggies I like on my salad. Celery, Cucumber, onions, lettuce, carrots, chicken/ham slices, and tomatoes.

To prepare your salad in a jar you need to add between 2 tsp - 2tbsp of dressing of your choice.

Here is the complete ingredients with blueberries and eggs. I just used the egg whites on my salad without the yolk so I had to cut my eggs in half and sliced it.

So when you have all your ingredients, first the most important part is to add the dressing then all your veggies then the last one on top is your lettuce.

It should look like this.

By adding the dressing at the bottom, it allows everything else to be fresh up to 1 week without soggy salad.

Another closer look .

Voilah, all you have to do now is shake your jar and eat. Have a try!

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