How to make a back-to-school/ new school survival kit

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Grab a little clutch or bag. Mine is a camera bag but it is small enough for this and I dont have a camera to put in it, so this is what I will use.

I would put a note pad in there, just in case. You never know when it will come in handy!

Hand sanitizer is always good. Keeping clean!

Some bobbi pins and a hair tie are good.

A mirror is great!

And some lip gloss. This is number 95 Strike a Rose from the Maybelline Baby Lips collection.

And don't deny it--- we all need a little--- Cash!

Some essentials....

Front pocket....

Back pocket...

Thats it! Hope ya'll enjoyed! Do you have any suggestions? Please message me or comment! Any requests? Message me or comment! 😎😎 Thats it!

Watch the video: DIY BACK TO SCHOOL EMERGENCY KIT!! Gracie Bright

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