How to create vertical succulent box with vintage letter

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Inspiration! A is for Ava. I found this vintage signage letter at an antique shop in Healdsburg. Yup she's just as excited as I am.

Around the edges of the letters drill small holes to tie chicken wire as a cover. Behind the chicken wire, sphagnum moss then succulent soil. Be sure to add drainage holes at the bottom before.

To hang your letter, get creative. I used found objects like this old door handle from a reclaimed store.

The hook I ended up using was taken from and old window lock.

To fill I used various succulents and sedums. The cool spider looking plant is called a dykia, my new favorite. I don't wait to hang, the chicken wire keeps them tightly packed in.

Watch the video: Iron Wire Mesh Succulent Planter Letter Box

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