How to make easy skinny no-bake heaven bars

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Melt the butter substitute, brown sugar and maple syrup together in a sauce pan over medium heat!

Bring to a boil for exactly 3 min, don't worry, just set a timer for three minutes when it starts bubbling. :)

Remove from heat and pour into a big bowl with your cereal of choice!

Get your peanut butter ready!

Add it to the bowl along with the salt and vanilla, mix well.

Ooo so yummy. Feel free to taste test at this point. :)

Spread into a greased 9x13 pan, and refrigerate for 15-20 min.

Get out your dark chocolate! Chop it up and temper it. (that just means melt it down!)

Pour into a little baggy, or a piping bag if you want to get fancy! Cut off a tiny corner.

Drizzle it criss cross on your bars! Refrigerate for another hr or so.

Cut into 15 slices and serve!

Oooo so yummy.

Original recipe- 307 calories Skinny version- 184 calories How awesome is that! :)

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