How to bake a fabulous crumb cake

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This used to be called New York Crumb Cake but they lost the title when they started chasing the calories and salt out of all 5 boroughs. You can't even get it there .

Here are the ingredients for the crumbs. Put it all in a bowl. If you'd like to skip the mess of measuring cups , it's 2 1/2 oz each of the sugars and 8 oz flour.

This is how you measure with cups.

Now you have to get that flour back in the box, which, as you know, has a plastic bag with a too small hole cut in it. You'll probably throw it away.

So, try this. You'll never go back.

If you don't have some of this, go over to Penzey's and stick your nose in their jars. They have different kinds of cinnamon . Who knew?

Melt the butter.

Spray an 8x8 square pan with Pam for Baking and line it with parchment comme ca. Later, you will be able to lift the cake out of the pan w/out losing a crumb. You'll see.

Stir the dry ingredients.

Pour in the butter.

Stir until it looks like this. It doesn't take long and don't break up the big ones. We want those.

You don't have to buy this excellent vanilla by the quart. But you have to buy it.

Put all the dry ingredients in the bowl of your mixer. That's 6oz flour, 3 1/4 oz sugar for you weighing types. Blend it briefly then add the butter

Mix until the butter looks like little pebbles. Then add the wet ingredients , shown here. Save the extra egg white- we might make meringues.

Get all the stuff mixed then scrape the bowl. Turn mixer to medium and mix one minute. No, seriously , set the timer.

Because after one minute, the batter will be fluffy and gorgeous. See?

Put it in the pan. It's petty thick so get out your trusty off-set spatula and start spreading.

I love that little tool.

It will look like this. Now, the good part.

The crumbs! The ne plus ultra of all toppings. The topping to which all other nuts and icings aspire. The reason you bought an elliptical. And the reason you need an elliptical.

Start by putting crumbs on the edges and work into the middle. We want big crumbs, which if you followed directions, will be plentiful

One of the beauties of this cake- the crumbs stay where you put them. No moving from the edges to the middle which causes some of your relatives to eat the middle first. The filet, so to speak .

There will be smaller crumbs at the bottom of the bowl. Squish them into big crumbs and cover that thing.

Ooh la la. Ready to go in the oven at 325. Bake for 30 minutes then test with a toothpick. Should come out clean.

See? All the crumbs are right where you left them. Let it cool until you can touch the pan. Then lift it out, using those nifty parchment handles I showed you.

You should buy a pretty, square plate, just for this. We both know you're going to make this a lot. You can dust with a bit of powdered sugar. Or not.

Wall to wall crumbs. No filet. Enjoy. Then, back on the elliptical.

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