How to make shredded chicken sandwiches

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take two capsicums

3 onions


chop onions too

boil chicken along with ginger and garlic paste


add small amount of oil in pan

now add you chicken


in another pan again add small amount of oil

add onion


this is the remaining stock of chicken. I'll use it afterwards.. (forgot to take pic before)

coming back to onions

add capsicum (my favoriteeee and pet ingredient in almost all of my dishes)

add chicken n fry little more but dot over fry it

chop green chili

don't forget stirring you chicken mixture..

chopped green chiliz

to you chicken mixture add chili sauce, ground red pepper, black pepper and salt

add vinegar and soya sauce

add green chiliz according to taste


yummy :)

cut edges of bread slices

spread your mixture and add some ketchup

like this

these are two sandwiches done here

cover it with other slice..

enjoy :)

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