How to make a simple valentines card

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Take your base card, two sheets of patterned (mine is double sided!) and your heart dies (I'm using xcut nesting dies)

Firstly fold the front of your base card in half, don't worry it won't be visible by the time we're done

Next take one of your heart dies or the template your using (if your really good free hand draw!) and pencil half the heart on your right hand side

Next cut down and around the heart leaving that side with just half a heart (rub out any pencil lines)

Next take a piece of card and one your patterned papers. Cut two rectangles, the card to the size of the left hand side of the base card and the paper slightly smaller

Stick down as above! (Not done the patterned paper straight? Me neither, don't worry we can fix that!)

Next take your heart die/template and the red card again. Cut out one large red heart

Take your 2nd patterned paper and cut out a slightly smaller heart (love nesting dies!)

Finally! Take the first patterned paper and cut out an even smaller heart (if your doing this freehand with scissors then you are a better person than me!)

Play around with the layout of the 3 hearts on each other, line them all up or have one or both smaller hearts a little jaunty!

Once happy, stick down as shown! Didn't get your layers on the left hand straight before (I never do!), then cut out two even smaller hearts, one in the card & one in the 2nd paper and stick as shown

Coming to the end, pick a greeting (stamp, printed, freehand). I'm using a rubber stamp which I've stuck down to an acrylic block to use as the handle of the stamp (cheap pritstick is good to use)

Stamp your greeting and your done! Took me around 15/30 min, but I was taking pictures as well. If you have any questions then please message me and I'm happy to answer x

Please see my new valentine card guide for 2014 xxx

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