How to make a diy magazine bowl

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First, tear out all your magazine's one of mine. Try not to break any of the pages!

Measure out 2 inch strips with your ruler. Mine made about 4, 2 inch strips per page.

Use your ruler to tear them into the 2 inch strips that you want. Do that for all your pages, I used about 80 ( i think ) sheets of magazine paper, by the way. Which made quite a lot.

Pop all of your paper strips into a container, this makes it a ton less messier than it could be, and it makes it pretty easy to grab and...well just take a look at the next step.

First fold the 2 inch strip in half. Crease it well, you can use a bone folder If you want to but I just use my fingers.

Unfold, and here's the crease!

Then, fold the two sides into the centre crease. It should look something like this.

Then fold that in half. Fold it inwards, if you know what I mean. It usually folds into that naturally. Do that to all the strips you have.

Put this into a container as well. Don't mind the pasta container I'm using! This makes it easy to reach and also, so you don't lose it when a big puff of wind comes blowing in.

Now tape all of the paper strips together like this. And beware because it will make a LOOONG string of paper strips.

Now start coiling it up into a tight round. Here's how it should look like when you start the process...

Once you have it tightly rolled up...

Carefully coax it up. Up, up and up. Till it looks like a bowl to you.

Done! The bigger your coil of magazine strips are, the bigger the bowl would be. This is the smaller one that I did. Apply a sealant if you want to ( I used Mod Podge )

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