How to make delicious springrolls

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ingredient:300g of mince pork,2 eggs,1 role of vermicelli(Chinese noodles),100g of mung bean shoots,onions and spring onions,white noodle(kind of the same but use on it own),mushroom,lettuce ricepaper

Then you mixed them up like this

After that you put the mushroom in hot water for about 15 mins to make it soft and cut it up like this

Then you put the vermicelli in hot water for about 10mins to make it soft,then you cut it up into little bits like this

Now this is one of the most important part,you take your mince pork out and mixed it with the onions,spring onions,eggs,mushroom,vermicelli and mung bean shoots together as in the image

Then you mix them up like this

Add a little bit of salt to make it tasty

Now let your mixture rest on aside and take out your rice paper The normal rice paper you will have wet it on both side for it to become soft but with this rice paper you don't need too

Pop it in and deep fried it until it turn brown yellow

And there we have it the spring roll,you can enjoy it with fish sauce like in the picture or sweet chili sauce

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