How to make poori-fried whole wheat bread (breakfast)

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Measure 1 cup whole wheat flour or atta flour and place in a mixing bowl

Add semolina,salt,sugar & Greek Yoghurt. Mix them well.Now add some water, little at a time and continue to mix. If the dough is too tight it will not roll well;if its too soft it will absorb more oil

The dough must be just right. It should form one ball like so

Divide the dough to 8 equal portions

Roll it to about 8-10cm In Diameter. Alternatively use a poori press as shown in this photo. Make sure there are no holes in the poori

Make sure your oil is hot. This will make the poori puff up which is exactly what a poori is all about.

Gently add the poori into the hot oil. Fry both sides. Try not to place the fried pooris one on top of the other.

This is how it should look

When it floats on top of the oil - it has cooked

Drain well with a slotted spoon or ladle

Enjoy this with your favorite curry or potato stew. For a snack and for kids serve this with sugar.

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