How to make bath tea bags

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Prepare a mixing bowl

Measure the oatmeal! (Grind any kind/s of oatmeal in a food processor/coffee grinder) or use milk powder instead

Add baking soda (don't worry about the crumbs now!)

Add the teas (here i am using 5-6 camomile tea bags - cut open & pour) feel free to use any old tea bags you don't want to drink!

I added some loose leaf teas (lavender)

Optional) sea salt

Mix all the ingredients with a fork

Prepare tea filters of any size

Scoop the mixture into the bags

I got them into 3 large bags

Fold and staple!

Or if you ran out of staples like me, use rubber bands. Done! Throw 1-2 bags into your bath water :) Enjoy!

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