How to make a dream catcher

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Gather your supplies. I am using a brass ring, but traditionaly willow branches would have been used by Native Americans.

Collect strips of suede to wrap around the hoop. I found a peice of suede at a thrift store and cut it into strips. I will be using glue sparingly to help secure knots as I go.

To begin, wrap the suede strip around the hoop and apply a small amount of glue. Hold firmly, this will not hold at first, but will make the bond stronger once it's tied together.

Here I have wrapped it about 5 times moving along the hoop. Tug and pull to keep it tight.

After the entire hoop is covered, apply some more glue to the end peice and cut off the excess.

Tie a peice of hemp around the suede to hold it in possition.

Wrap the hemp around the hoop overlapping the two ends of the suede. Tie it off and cut off the excess.

I add a bit of glue to secure the knots.

Now for the woven center. Tie a longer peice of hemp to the hoop.

Loop the hemp around the hoop and back through itself like this. The closer the loops, the tighter your weave.

Now you will loop the hemp through the center of each segment created. This continues until the center of the hoop is completely woven.

Pull the loops tight.


When you get to the center start adding beads.

When you run out of room tie-off the hemp.

Use a peice of suede or hemp so you can hang your dream cather.

Collect 4 feathers, 3 beads, and 3 peices of hemp. and some glue. These numbers are not definite, you can make your dream catcher however you want.

Place a bead on the end of the hemp followed by glue.

lay the feather on the glue and slide the bead over the end of the feather. Allow to dry. If your bead is too lose you will need to tie a knot.

Repeat on the other two.

Take the odd ball feather, apply a small amount of glue to it's tip and insert it into one of the knots in the center of your weave.

Tie a feathered hemp string on each side of the dream cathcer.

Add the last one in the center and cut off excess hemp.

All done! You can modify this however you want.

One made with willow branch, red hemp, and chicken feathers.

Guinea feathers are cool!

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