How to make super easy kao pao chicken

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I use two pieces chicken thigh here, you can also use chicken breast.

Dice your chicken to the size you like.

Marinate the meat with 2 table spoon soy sauce, 1 table spoon michu(cooking wine), and 1 teaspoon sugar. Massage the meat with your warm hand!

And here we have green onion, I clove of garlic and a bag of Chinese spicy peanut. Remember, you can get this bag of spicy peanut at most of the Chinese supermarket.

Or you can ask your Asian friend to find one. With this bag, you can make your Kao Pao chicken super easy and delicious.

Now, mice your green onion and garlic.

And open the peanut bad. This is how it looks but not yet, one more step to go.

Yes, separate peanut and the spices. You will need them all.

If you like spicy food, add another chilli pepper or more.

Okay. Now, stir fry your meat until they are cooked and golden. Take them out of the pan.

You can use the same pan and stir fry all the spices we prep. Garlic, green onion, chilli pepper and the spices in the peanut bag. (Wait, it's not peanut's turn yet so don't add peanut here.)

Till you can smell all the spices and add chicken and peanut into the pan and stir fry them for another min. And Ta Dah~ here is your yummy Kao Pao chicken.

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