How to make a furry bike

Cut your fabric into long, 3 inch strips of fabric. It gets messy.

Take a strip of fabric and attach it to the end of your handle bars with a zip tie. Start wrapping across your handle bars in a spiral. Attach a few zip ties as you go to hold the fabric in place.

Continue attaching fabric with zip ties and spiraling along the length of all of your frame.

Cut out a large piece of fabric to attach to your basket. I chose a different kind of fur for aesthetics. Use hot glue to attach.

Take your exacto knife and punch a few holes at the top of the fabric. Stick more zip ties through these holes and the holes in the basket to attach another fur cuff.

Use hot glue to attach fur to the edge of your seat.

If you want to add lights, I got fun duct tape and taped the drivers securely in place on the rear rack. This way, when you eventually change the batteries, you can cut off the tape and just reapply.

Make sure to have the power buttons or plugs within easy access. Don't tape over them.

Drape and spiral the lights along the frame, ending at the handle bars. Zip tie as you go to hold everything in place.

Ta daaa! In all her furry shining glory. You can also zip tie some stick lights to your wheels. They'll look like spinning batons when you ride.

Watch the video: How to Make a Drift Bike at Home

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