How to fold money into flowers

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You will need to start with one dollar bill facing the back side where it says the value of the bill. For me it it the ONE side.

Now pull the bottom of the bill and fold it right below the text THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Run you finger over the fold to straighten it so it can hold shape.

Now fold the right side of the bill upwards as seen in the image above. Straighten the crease with by pinching it.

Repeat the past step with the other side of the bill so it looks like the image above.

Now fold the right flap over the left and compress them onto each other for a few seconds.

Now it is time to get out your (multi-colored is optional and fun) paper clips!

Now insert the clip just over part of the bill that holds the fold together. Reference the image above.

Now, repeat step 1-7 until you have done the process with 5 individual bills.

Move the petals directly next to each other and connect their sides using more paper clips. The tips of the petals should all be touching each other in the center of the flower. Use the next image.

Your flower should end up looking like this, a beautiful dollar origami. You can either decide to leave it on this side or flip it over, both look amazing. Hopefully you learned something from this :)


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